Take Control Of Your Email Marketing With Our Metrics & Reporting Features

We empower you with data on every member of your email marketing database. We can show you who opened your email newsletter, which articles they clicked and when the articles were read. We give you meaningful, easy to understand reports and metrics that help you track your results and hone your campaigns.

Monitor your success and connect with warm leads generated by your digital marketing.

Metrics & Reporting Tools For Your Email Marketing

Our reporting tools show you detailed data, such as:

  • Snapshot Reports – A summary of launch results
  • Recipient activity – An overview of who opened, clicked, etc.
  • Opens & Clicks Over Time – Time of day and dates associated with reader activity
  • Member Feedback – An overview of members who responded to article feedback
  • Bounce Summary – A look at who didn’t receive your launch and why
  • Survey Responses – Reporting on customized or built-in article surveys
  • Trigger Articles – Quickly see all who triggered lead alerts
  • Unsubscribe Activity – View those who unsubscribed from your marketing
  • DMZ Reports – Comprehensive (and confidential) benchmarking statistics comparing your digital marketing efforts to other FaithActions™ users

Generate More Leads With Trigger Articles

Our Trigger Article feature turns your email newsletter into a lead generation powerhouse. Trigger Articles give you the ability to directly connect with interested newsletters readers in real time. Our Content Library houses a selection of Trigger Articles you can quickly and easily choose for publication in your newsletters. The topics and content of these articles are meant to provoke the interest of readers who may be considering your services. When a Trigger Article is clicked and read, you’ll automatically receive an email alert detailing who read the article and how to contact them. Additionally, we give you the option to turn any article you choose into a Trigger Article with just a few simple clicks.
Generate More Leads With Lead Trigger Articles

Lee Sowers, Executive Vice President | FaithActions™

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Lee Sowers is the Executive Vice President for the FaithActions™ division of IndustryNewsletters. With more than 30 years of experience, Lee has directed e-communication, marketing, sales and business development strategies for top national firms in the IT, real estate and mortgage industries and Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, HP, AT&T and Franklin Electronic Publishers. Lee earned his BA & MA, with honors for computer modeling research, from Rice University and has taught business and marketing courses at Rider and Georgian Court Universities and Brookdale and Ocean County Colleges. Lee is an active member of his church, where he is a Minister, bible scholar and author. Lee also created the online community www.JesusCanHelp.us which is dedicated to connecting senior citizens, single parents, the homeless and others in need with local Christian and Government resources and aid.