Integrated CRM Tools Help Your Church Connect With Members and Follow Up On Your Email Marketing

Our fully integrated CRM is your easy-to-use, centralized database and relationship management tool for all your member records.

We Give You Help Building Your Church Database of Contacts

FaithActions™ church marketing database has the built-in ability to become your organization’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, centralizing your church communications into one simple tool.

We will work with you to uncover email contacts from your church directories and other email databases.

Our hands-on Customer Support team helps gather and upload email addresses you may have scattered across multiple spreadsheets, email platforms and social media.

We can also help you tag and segment your church’s member database so that you can identify and connect with unique subsets of your church’s congregation to reach specific groups, such as children’s ministries, senior groups, event participants and any other key group.

Simple CRM Tools For Your Church Database Management

The FaithActions™ platform comes equipped with the tools you need to quickly and easily connect with church members who respond to your email communications, and it also gives you a way to track and manage phone calls, follow up and other communications.

When you access your member records, you can not only view their email click activity, but you can also create follow up messages and track conversations right from within the member list of your FaithActions™ Dashboard.

Plus, our church CRM tools are simple, user-friendly and easy enough for volunteers to manage.

Track Your Church Contacts Right from Within Your Email Platform

 We take a deeper dive into your church’s contact database and tie all your email metrics back to your individual members. When you access your member records, you can not only view their click activity, but you can also create follow up messages and track phone calls and other correspondence right from within your FaithActions™ CRM tools.

The FaithActions™ database is connected to every interaction generated by your church email messaging. You can quickly and easily contact church members and track those touch-points using CRM tools that have been integrated with the FaithActions™ platform.

Our CRM helps you:

  • Store and access contact information
  • Create tasks
  • Enter notes
  • Compose and send messages
  • Log phone calls
  • Set reminders for follow-up
  • Create tags and custom fields to group members together
  • View click activity, saved articles survey responses and other engagement activity associated with each individual member
  • And much more!

Lee Sowers, Executive Vice President | FaithActions™

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Lee Sowers is the Executive Vice President for the FaithActions™ division of IndustryNewsletters. With more than 30 years of experience, Lee has directed e-communication, marketing, sales and business development strategies for top national firms in the IT, real estate and mortgage industries and Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, HP, AT&T and Franklin Electronic Publishers. Lee earned his BA & MA, with honors for computer modeling research, from Rice University and has taught business and marketing courses at Rider and Georgian Court Universities and Brookdale and Ocean County Colleges. Lee is an active member of his church, where he is a Minister, bible scholar and author. Lee also created the online community which is dedicated to connecting senior citizens, single parents, the homeless and others in need with local Christian and Government resources and aid.