Church Newsletter Digital Advertising Options

Tier 1 Top Leaderboard

The leaderboard is the most visible spot in the email newsletter and guarantees maximum exposure to recipients. Directory Listing included.

Tier 2 Bottom Leaderboard

Just like our the Tier one Leaderboard, this option is for those who seek maximum exposure. Directory Listing included.

Text Ads

Advertise utilizing text, such as a call to action, contact information, and website links throughout the newsletter. Directory Listing included.

Tier 1 Leaderboard Ad
Tier 2 Leaderboard Ad
Text Ad

Tier 1 Top Button

Advertise your business utilizing a button prominently placed on in the top section of the newsletter. Directory Listing included.

Tier 2 Bottom Button

Advertise your business utilizing a button placed in a highly visible location of the newsletter layout. Directory Listing included.

Directory Listing

Advertise your business in your local real estate agent’s online directory featuring a group of preferred local vendors.

Tier 1 Button Ad
Tier 2 Button Ad
Directory Listing

Lee Sowers, Executive Vice President | FaithActions™

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Call: (908) 910-0605

Lee Sowers is the Executive Vice President for the FaithActions™ division of HomeActions™. With more than 30 years of experience, Lee has directed e-communication, marketing, sales and business development strategies for top national firms in the IT, real estate and mortgage industries and Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, HP, AT&T and Franklin Electronic Publishers. Lee earned his BA & MA, with honors for computer modeling research, from Rice University and has taught business and marketing courses at Rider and Georgian Court Universities and Brookdale and Ocean County Colleges. Lee is an active member of his church, where he is a Minister, Bible scholar and author. Lee also created the online community which is dedicated to connecting senior citizens, single parents, the homeless and others in need with local Christian and government resources and aid.