FaithActions™ Church Email Newsletters and Online Marketing Tools

FaithActions™ is a unique digital communications program that helps leaders of churches and faith-based organizations reach more members and improve growth.

Simple, Robust Digital Marketing and Communications for Your Church

Increase Attendance Through Enhanced Communications

FaithActions™ is a marketing program that helps your organization increase attendance at services and events by enhancing your digital communication strategy. With a focus on reaching younger audiences and engaging millennials, FaithActions™ opens the door to attracting more volunteers for outreach programs and increasing online donations, gifting and fund raising.

Interested? Contact Us To Set An Online Personal Presentation

To fully appreciate exactly how the FaithActions™ platform works, we recommend you attend a brief in-person presentation which usually takes less than 30 minutes. Contact us to schedule a personal presentation at your convenience. We look forward to showing you how our digital marketing program with advertising integration can help your organization reach new heights.

Tour A FaithActions™ Church Email Newsletter Example


1. Help With Design And Setup

Our hands-on Customer Support Representatives provide you with newsletter header graphics and match your newsletter template to your organization’s brand standards.

2. Article Template Options

You have events, announcements, fund raising and local outreach programs to promote. We have simple templates to help you easily create custom announcements in minutes.

We Build Your Database

We’ll work with you to collect and organize all your contacts into one centralized, trackable digital marketing database so you can get started right away.

3. Additional Ad Space Featuring Local Businesses

newsletter offers additional opportunities to feature ads for local businesses who partner with your organization.

4. Include Your Contact Info With Every Launch

Keep your location and contact information in front of your readers to increase referrals and allow easy access to your organization.

5. Links To Your Website & Social Media

Keep readers connected with your online resources. Your newsletter features a section that highlights links to your website and social networks.

6. Collect Revenue By Offering Space For Ads From Local Businesses

FaithActions™ integrates digital ad placement which includes an online ad directory, up to six graphic banner ad slots and unlimited text ad placement capabilities.

7. Built-in Library Of Articles, Images & Banners To Choose From

The Content Library is your built-in writer’s block solution. Our library is stocked with engaging professionally written articles on a variety of topics, including general wellness, life management, personal organization tips, general finance and home-ownership issues. You have full control over which articles you choose, and you may edit the content in the article library if you need to make any changes.

Helping Your Faith-based Organization Reach Your Online Marketing Goals


Centralize Your Contact Database


Reach People Not Attending Services


Improve Communication Strategies


Engage Younger Audiences


Drive Traffic To Your Website


Highlight Events


Promote Fund Raising


Link To Social Media & Sermon Podcasts

Partner With Local Businesses Through Newsletter Ad Placement

Leverage Advertising Opportunities From Your Local Business Community

FaithActions™ integrates a built-in ad placement feature, just like your print bulletins and other promotional materials. Your newsletter allows for up to six graphic banner ads and unlimited text ad placement. Plus, we set up a preferred vendors list to display the businesses who are participating in your advertising. Revenue earned from participating advertisers may offset or exceed the cost of your newsletter marketing program and can even represent a new revenue source for your organization. This feature is a benefit to Not-For-Profit organizations needing to meet tight budgets.

Key Features Of The FaithActions™ Marketing & Communications Platform


Easily Include Your Own Custom Content

We know you have messages from your leadership, event notifications, fundraising messages and community information to share. Easy content building tools and templates within the FaithActions™ platform help you quickly create attractive articles that can be shared with your readers. Plus, our Customer Support Team is available to help anytime you need assistance.

Automated Content To Engage Your Readers

You won’t have to write all the articles for your email newsletter because we’re doing part of the work for you. Our digital marketing system is stocked with a library of captivating, informative articles on general life tips, home maintenance ideas, health and wellness insights. We give you the freedom to add or delete any of our professionally written content any time you choose. We also maintain a commitment to regularly produce fresh new articles for your readers every two weeks.

Track Readership With Trigger Articles

Our Lead Trigger Article feature allows you to set alert notifications on any of your content. This system automatically tracks reader response and delivers a notice any time a reader clicks to access important articles. When an article is read with an event posting or fundraising effort, you will receive an email or text alert. This feature enables you to quickly and easily follow up on the interest generated by your communications.

Centralized Database Housing All Your Contacts

One of the most daunting aspects of email marketing is building a robust database. You might have contacts scattered about in many different sources. Why not pool all your important contacts and centralize them within one cohesive, trackable email marketing system? We’ll work with you to gather your existing contact information, and quickly get you started by laying the foundation for your marketing database.

Lee Sowers, Executive Vice President | FaithActions™

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Call: (908) 910-0605

Lee Sowers is the Executive Vice President for the FaithActions™ division of IndustryNewsletters. With more than 30 years of experience, Lee has directed e-communication, marketing, sales and business development strategies for top national firms in the IT, real estate and mortgage industries and Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, HP, AT&T and Franklin Electronic Publishers. Lee earned his BA & MA, with honors for computer modeling research, from Rice University and has taught business and marketing courses at Rider and Georgian Court Universities and Brookdale and Ocean County Colleges. Lee is an active member of his church, where he is a Minister, bible scholar and author. Lee also created the online community which is dedicated to connecting senior citizens, single parents, the homeless and others in need with local Christian and Government resources and aid.